EPC International Company Limited was established on 4th July 1996 with a registered cost of 2 million baht. Offices and showrooms are located at 6 / 142-143 Village No. 3, Welfare Soi 1, Nong Khaem District. All company structures are separated. Into 4 departments, which are the head office, production department, service department and sales department. Located in Singapore Which was established in the year 1988, the first company has done business Electronic Later, the company foresaw the good landscape of Thailand. That has the best solar power in the world, one country should therefore strongly use heat to convert it into solar energy

The company has foreseen. And realize the value of solar cells because it is a product that helps save energy in the world and nowadays there is a global warming crisis Problematic World-class Therefore getting more heat every day From this sun Converted into electrical energy to help reduce global warming And Thailand is still an agricultural country If using energy from solar cells Will be able to reduce production costs Get a lot

The company also researched And produce products And continuously developed to select durable materials and equipment Worth the investment in the long term, such as the LED that uses highbright (HB) models that have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours or about 20 years and the solar panel that the company uses. Most of the leading brands in the world, so the company dare to guarantee. Up to the lifespan of at least 25 years onwards. The battery pack with DEEP CYCLE type, most of the leading brands from America and Singapore Including products used with Solar cells such as fluorescent tubes, chopsticks using LED (HB), floating springs that do not require direct electricity, street lamps, garden lamps, traffic lights, advertising signs (running signs, letters), Digital clock, anti-theft system, etc.

The company therefore opened the website. To introduce to Thai people and the world Realized the value of energy Sunlight and the value of natural resources that are about to leave this world Both want all members Who visit the company's website to gain knowledge from solar energy and its benefits If the company website Any mistakes can be criticized and appreciated. Therefore highly thank you Who came to view the company's website

The concept of "One Stop Service"

Due to EPC International Is a manufacturer and provides complete installation service of Solar Cell equipment and LED sign equipment. The concept of "One Stop Service" is divided into the following topics:

Production - The company is a manufacturer for distribution, therefore we can control the production. According to customer requirements
Installation - We have a team with experience and readiness. In the workpiece installation Effectively
Repair - If you have a problem with your device We provide repair services in And offsite
The production of products according to the needs of customers - We can receive products according to the form that customers want. Either small amount or large amount according to customer needs
The company needs to serve customers. With impressive service and customers to the best of their ability And the company Sincerely hope that Will have the opportunity to serve all customers in the next opportunity