When the amorphous panel has lower energy conversion efficiency Single crystal panel For example, an amorphous 40W panel is not as good as a single crystal 40W panel.

Not - whether the amorphous panel or single crystal. If the spec says 40W, then the output power is 40W equal. Only the panel size of the amorphous Must be built to be larger than a single crystal panel To achieve the same output power

How are each solar cell panel different?

Single crystal panel provides efficiency The conversion of solar energy into electricity per unit of light-receiving area is the best, followed by combined crystals. And finally, amorphous

What type of panel is suitable for use?

Every panel can be used in the same way. Only in the work that requires little installation space, lightweight, should use single-crystal panel or combined crystal

What is the price of each type of panel when compared?

In general, at equal watts. The cheapest amorphous panel Higher is the total crystal. And single crystal

What types of solar cells are there?

There are 3 types of solar panels:
- Amorphous type (the panel is like a film coated on a brown glass), for example, the solar panel on the calculator
- single-crystal type The panel will look like a black panel with solar cell panels. To be homogeneous
- The combined crystalline panel has a blue color, the solar cell material is the characteristic of the crystal Many styles combined

Q: Are solar cells that indicate electrical power such as What does a 40W solar panel mean?


40W (watts) is the electrical power value for a solar cell panel. 40W means if we set up a panel A 40W solar cell will receive 1 hour of sunlight and will produce 40 W of electricity. If you receive 2 hours of sunlight, it will produce electricity = 40x2 = 80 watts, so if you set the light at 8 hours during the day will generate electricity = 40x8 = 320 watts

Q: What types of batteries can be used to charge solar cells?

The solar cell panel can be used to charge the battery like AA or AAA size batteries, Nicd or NiMh, Lion + batteries, lead acid batteries

Q: Can the solar cell panels be used to charge a 12V or 24V car battery?

The solar cell panel can be used to charge a 12V or 24V car battery.

Q: Can solar panels be used to charge batteries directly, not through a battery charger?

It can be done, but the efficiency is not as good as charging through the battery charger and there is no stopping charging when the battery is refilled. We have to remove the solar panels by ourselves when Full battery

: How to increase the electric power (watts) of solar cell panels, such as 40 watts

Increasing the electric power of solar panels Achieved by bringing the solar cell panels connected in parallel (the anode of all solar cells connected together , The negative pole of all the panels are connected together) such as having a 40W panel to increase the total electric power = 120 watts. Therefore, 3 panels of 40 watts must be connected in parallel. We will get the total electricity produced = 40x3 = 120 watts.