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Knowledge of Solar Cell

The first solar cells were created in 1954 by Chapin, Fuller and Pearson of Belle Tale. Speaker (BellTelephon), these 3 people have discovered a new technology for creating P-N (P-N)

Solar cells 1,200 watts

Solar cells Also known as Photovoltaic cells (Photovoltaic cell) is the production of electricity from light that hits an object that can change the light energy into electrical energy or electricity that comes from it.

Solar electric power generation system

Using solar cell panels to generate electricity for use with various devices. That must be considered is Use of solar panels sufficient for the amount of use. Electricity each day

Wattage table

Watt (watt, symbol W) is the SI unit of power, named after James Watt. For example, the power in watts, for example, a 100-watt home lamp, while the Hoover Dam produces two billion watts.