Knowledge of Solar Cell


The first solar cells were created in 1954 by Chapin, Fuller and Pearson of Belle Tale. Speaker (BellTelephon), these 3 people have discovered a new technology for creating P-N (P-N)

The first solar cells were created in 1954 by Chapin, Fuller and Pearson of Belle Tale. Speaker (BellTelephon), these 3 people have discovered a new technology for creating P-N (P-N) by diffusion into the silicon crystal until the world's first solar cell. Which is just effective 6% Currently, solar cells have been developed to be more efficient than 15% in the first phase, most solar cells are used for space, satellite or Spacecraft sent from the earth to orbit in space. Then use solar panels as a source of electric power. Later, the panels were introduced Solar cells are used on the earth like today, the first solar cells Most of them are gray-black, but nowadays, solar cells have been developed in various colors such as red, blue, green, gold, etc. for beauty.

The most important energy sources in the world are from fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal. With technological and economic growth, energy consumption is expected to be enormous. The world has come from The said fossil There will be a reserve of not more than 50 years. Production process And use energy from that fossil All have effects To the environment Follow many such as air pollution, acid rain and greenhouse conditions. Whose effect is Chain towards the entire ecosystem And the well-being of humans The use of other forms of energy, such as nuclear power, has a high investment cost in the construction and removal of the reactor, and is still unable to ensure safety. That the general public can accept Promoting the use of more renewable energy, such as Solar energy, wind power, biomass energy and Processing from waste With technology developed to the present Processing Solar power Into electrical energy It is considered a clean and pollution-free process. And when comparing the costs in terms of investment In order to obtain energy Including the impact that may be on the environment It can be seen that the energy costs produced from Solar cells Is cheaper Other types of energy sources And the main thing is Solar power Is one of the energy that is sustainable Endless

Electronic invention Created from semiconductors Which can change Solar energy (or light from a light bulb) can be directly electric energy and that electric Will be direct current. Direct Current Although current Will have to create cells Which can convert light into alternating light, then it is classified as a renewable energy source (Renewable Energy) clean and does not create any pollution while using solar cells to produce electrical energy How much

Solar power We have an enormous value on an area of 1 square meter. We will get about 1,000 watts of power or an average of 4-5 kilowatt-hours per square meter per day. Which means that one day on an area of only 1 square meter We get 1 kilowatt solar power for 4-5 hours. If solar cells Efficient in energy conversion Equal to 15 percent, it means that solar cells with an area of 1 square meter will be able to produce 150 watts of electricity or an average of 600-750 watts per hour per square meter per day. In comparison, one day in Thailand, we have needs. Electric power is about 250 million kilowatt-hours per day. Therefore, if we have an area of approximately 1,500 square kilometers (0.3 percent of Thailand), we will be able to produce electricity. From solar cells Enough to meet the needs of the whole country